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Kanakadhara Yantra

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Goddess Lakshmi/Kanakadhara 


It is composed of Kanakadhara Yantra, Kanakadhara Shodashi Yantra and pictorial representation of Goddess Lakshmi on Lotus, floating on water along with two Kalash (Urn) on both sides. At the bottom appeasing mantra for chanting is also carved. Kanakadhara Yantra is formed by a central dot (Bindu) and three circumscribing triangles. Third outermost triangle is again circumscribed by an eight petal and sixteen petal lotus. The whole figure is again enclosed in a circle which is further enclosed in a three line Bhupur. Beej (seed) mantra is written at the bottom. Kanakadhara Shodashi Yantra has sixteen cells. In first row “Om” is imprinted; remaining 5 rows with 3 columns are each filled with Beejakshar (seed letter) and its beej mantra is written at the bottom. 


  • Literal meaning of Kanakadhara is flow of gold. Establishing it at Home can open the doors to fortune for the whole family. Many avenues of earning open up suddenly and this yantra has the power to attract wealth from more than one resources.
  • As Kanakadhara Siddhi is one among the eight known “Ashta Siddhis” therefore by worshipping it one can acquire unlimited wealth. Problems like debt, failures in business etc. also get rectified with the use of this yantra.
  • It helps to win unexpected wealth in games like gambling, horse racing, speculation etc.

Energization Yantra Specific: 

  • Cover the plank (Patta/Chowkey) with Red Clothes.
  • Lay fresh unbroken red rose with fresh fruits on the plank.
  • Put the Yantra in east direction of puja room.
  • Put some fresh “Kheer” prasad and dry fruits before the yantra.


Yantra should be establised on Deepavali or any Friday during rising moon period. After energization it may be kept in Cash Box or at puja place. 


ॐ वं श्रीं वं ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं कनकधारायै नमः ।
oṁ vaṁ śrīṁ vaṁ aiṁ hrīṁ śrīṁ klīṁ kanakadhārāyai namaḥ