Main Dev Yantra (प्रमुख देव यन्त्र )


Kubera Yantra

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Since the glitter and glow of Gold cannot be captured in a static picture, the actual polished yantra will be much more shiny and smooth than the picture given above.



Lord Kubera 


It is a composed of a six point star (shatkona) formed by intersection of one downward triangle and one upward triangle with ‘Beej’ Mantra at the center and chanting mantra below the shatkona and all these are surrounded by a triple line Bhupur (contour). Near the Bhupur lines in each direction, directional mantras and their deity mantras are also written. 


  • This is an extremely powerful yantra. It brings abundant wealth, happiness and material comforts to the family of worshipper.
  • It makes the worshipper lucky, brings success in business, spreads name and gives fame, removes negative energy from environment, makes one powerful than his enemies and protects from evil.

Energization Yantra Specific: 

  • Sit on a mat facing east. Cover the plank (Patta/Chowkey) with Red Silk Cloth.
  • Lay fresh red flowers, rose and fresh fruits on the plank.
  • It can be put in cash box and locker.


VijayDashmi, Dhan trayodashi or Deepavali are the special occasions for its establishment at night. It can also be established on “Ravi Pushya Nakshatra”. Alternatively it may also be established on any Sunday or Thursday during rising moon period. After energization it should be put in locker or at puja place either at home or workplace. 


ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं ह्रीं कुबेराय नमः ।
oṁ hrīṁ śrīṁ hrīṁ kubērāya namaḥ

ॐ धनाधिपतये विद्महे राज राजाय धीमही तन्नो कुबेर प्रचोदयात् ।
oṁ dhanādhipatayē vidmahē rāja rājāya dhīmahī tannō kubēra pracōdayāt

ॐ श्रीं ॐ हीं श्रीं हीं क्लीं श्रीं क्लीं वित्तेश्वराय नमः ।
oṁ śrīṁ oṁ hīṁ śrīṁ hīṁ klīṁ śrīṁ klīṁ vittēśvarāya namaḥ

ॐ यक्षाय कुबेराय वैश्रणवाय धनधान्यादिपतये धनधान्यसमृद्धि में देहि देहि दापय दापय स्वाहा ।
oṁ yakṣāya kubērāya vaiśraṇavāya dhanadhānyādipatayē dhanadhānyasamr̥ddhi mēṁ dēhi dēhi dāpaya dāpaya svāhā