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Bagalamukhi Yantra

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Goddess Bagalamukhi 


Bagalamukhi Yantra is composed of one dot (Bindu) at the center enclosed in one downward isosceles triangle. This is further enclosed in one downward triangle and one upward triangle intersecting each other forming six small triangles, surrounded by an eight petal lotus and sixteen petal lotus and finally the entire sturucture is closed in a two line bhupur. Each small triangle, inner space of central triangles, each petal of lotuses, corners of bhupur and eight directional spaces in bhupur are filled and imprinted with relevant mantras. 


  • Bagalamukhi Yantra is a very powerful and useful yantra for victory over enemies, lawsuits, court cases, success in quarrels and competitions. The presiding yantra deity goddess Bagalamukhi is the controller of this powerful yantra and charges this yantra with occult forces.
  • Worshipping Bagalamukhi Yantra allows you to dominate over your enemies. It is used to receive blessings from the Bagalamukhi Devi to attain victory over enemies, win lawsuits, competitions and success in quarrels. The Goddess Bagalamukhi offers blessings with occult forces.
  • Goddess Bagalamukhi controls bad intentions of the people and protect the worshipper who is using this Yantra. It protects and helps the worshipper to take right decisions in their life. With good intentions and following proper rituals, one can achieve blessings from Bagalamukhi Devi.
  • It is also said that the yantra protects the worshipper from all kinds of sufferings in life. Bagalamukhi Yantra has the power to set free the worshipper from the past cycle of death and life. By worshipping with total dedication, the worshipper can get relief from superficial obstacles and evil spirits.

Energization Yantra Specific: 

  • Get an auspicious muhurta with powerful Mars and Nakshatra from an astrologer/muhurta expert.
  • Cover the plank (Patta/Chowkey) with Yellow Clothes.
  • Wear yellow clothes and put yellow asana for puja.
  • Lay fresh marigold/oleander (kaner) flowers [yellow and orange color].
  • Put the Yantra in east direction of the puja room.
  • Offer rounded dots of Sindoor on the four corners and in the center of yantra.
  • After energization, the yantra should be placed at puja place on a wooden plank covered with a yellow cloth. A picture of Devi Bagalamukhi should be placed alongside. Daily puja must be performed after bath.


    As per Muhurta with powerful Mars and Nakshatra in east direction. 


    ॐ ह्रीं बगुला मुखी नमः ।
    ॐ ह्रीं बगुलामुखी सर्वदुष्टानां वाचं मुखं पदं स्तंभय जिव्हाम कीलय बुद्धिविनाशय ह्रीं ॐ नमः॥

    oṁ hrīṁ bagulā mukhī namaḥ
    oṁ hrīṁ bagulāmukhī sarvaduṣṭānāṁ vācaṁ mukhaṁ padaṁ staṁbhaya jivhāma kīlaya buddhivināśaya hrīṁ oṁ namaḥ